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Do you often say that you’re waiting for new clients to find you? As a leading Chicago advertising agency we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from a vast range of industries. Frequently the common reason they engage with us, is because they are tired of waiting. Whether it’s waiting for their current Chicago advertising agency to finish up their project, or the results aren’t coming in fast enough. We believe that speed is the differentiating factor in marketing and that’s what separates us from the other advertising agencies.

We put our clients on the offense with aggressive digital advertising strategies that only focus on areas where you target demographic is giving their attention. By strategically covering all areas of digital advertising, this Chicago advertising agency has the ability to be your single source consolidating your focus on a strategy that will produce significant results. The most effective strategies are never singular platform focused, there must be complimentary platforms that work in unison to produce the best ROI with your budget.

– Who –
We are a company filled with Action Addicts! Speed is key and we what to produce massive results for your business, but don’t want you to wait for months down the road.
With various industry backgrounds at this Chicago advertising agency, we have a complimentary Sales and Marketing group with boots on the ground experience. How does that help you? We bring more to the table because we aren’t solely focused on a singular aspect of digital marketing, with our balanced background we bring a complimentary viewpoint to your business.
We love data, but we couple that passion with a knowledge of how you will actually close the prospects once they are brought in. Unlike most of the current advertising agencies, we can reverse engineer your buyer’s thought process because we have a significant amount of experience on the sales side. A common disconnect we see, is a communication breakdown between sales and marketing. Most businesses do not “cross pollinate” their sales and marketing departments with in the field experience, therefore marketing doesn’t get the opportunity to fully understand the entire process. This in turn effects their ability to produce the most effective strategies, the results suffer, and they turn to an advertising agency to assist.
But what if the advertising agency has been cut from the same cloth?
What if the advertising agency has minimal sales experience?
– How –
We do things a little bit differently here, because we understand more of the process than most advertising agencies.
  • We utilize a complimentary strategy incorporating multiple tactics and platforms at the same time to produce results faster
  • We take a deep dive into your entire sales and marketing process, always keeping the final conversion to a sale in mind while we build out the digital strategy
  • We reverse engineer your buyer, to understand their preferences resulting in more effective results and better metrics
  • We know our areas of expertise and stay in that lane, which allows us to be extremely focused on emerging technology and trends
Are you currently working with an advertising agency or are you managing your advertising internally? Either way we can help you out!
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We hired 5 Fold because we needed new customers and have been stuck for years with minimal growth, they accomplished more than we could imagine in a short period of time setting our team up for future growth

The marketing programs ROI was better than our previous 3 years of spend, we thought we were allocating resources properly until the 5 Fold team opened our eyes

It was a relief to have the 5 Fold team consult on strategy, I felt confident that it would work and the results were still surprisingly effective.  We will continue to use on other projects!

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