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It seems like these days anyone who’s over the age of 12 is an SEO expert, and companies have come and gone over the past 10+ years. We look at SEO slightly differently than a lot of the companies out there and as a leader in Chicago SEO, we have some tactics you’ll be interested in. The fundamentals, tactics and best practices are still there and adapting to the search algorithms on a consistent basis is extremely important. As those algorithms change, so does you SEO plan. The common issues we see are too many SEO agencies are focusing strictly on the backend tactic and not enough on the UX (user experience) or relevant content management that is focusing on the overall marketing strategy. SEO is one aspect of marketing, it’s important from an organic search standpoint but is not the number one area to focus on.

When we start working with companies on their SEO we first need to fully understand the entire marketing strategy. Because SEO is part of the strategy, it cannot be the only tactic of driving traffic and sales nor can be implemented without the total business in mind. We have worked with companies that built significant businesses without any SEO mindset or anything optimized for their target demographic’s search, it’s less common these days but does still exist. They were looking for a Chicago SEO company that offered more than strictly website development and search engine optimization, so it was a perfect fit. What most Chicago SEO companies won’t tell you is understanding the total marketing strategy is more important than you think. Focusing your budget on SEO may not yield the most effective results because it does take time and patience, and maybe that isn’t the best strategy for you. Every business is unique and we need to fully understand the goals/expectations/budget before we can agree that SEO is the best choice.

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Our process is simple
All SEO projects begin with a full digital marketing and advertising audit so we can understand all of the different areas you’ve been focusing on, and the ones you haven’t. This includes;
  • SEO Scoring
  • Keywords, Backlinks, Site Structure, Page Speed
  • Website design & UX
  • Website traffic
  • Social Media
  • Competition with SEO analysis
  • Advertising Strategy
After the SEO strategy and tactics are established, we implement them in an efficient and aggressive process…Speed is the main driving force, and everything must begin immediately to start tracking the results.
  • Dedicated SEO account manager
  • Project timeline chart
  • Update conferences as necessary
  • Detailed SEO scoring report once implemented and used as benchmark

This is where most SEO projects fail, things start off good but without upkeep/optimization results are hindered. The data will determine what is/ins’t working and needs to be tracked daily/weekly for full optimization of the strategy.

  • Detailed SEO metrics are sent weekly/monthly
  • Conference call every 30 days
  • Content management suggestions for SEO
  • Article/blog creation or modification for SEO
  • Continued support for new services/products focused around SEO
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