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Manufacturing Marketing

How Are We Qualified?

Well, we’ve spent years as “boot on the ground” for our former employees, made cold calls (physical and phone), been road warriors, had countless wins and even more rejections.  We know your pain, how to overcome it and the resources that would best benefit your company.  Our manufacturing marketing program is built on the tried and true findings of personal experience, what works the most effective and efficient and what doesn’t.

Where We’re From: Plastics (Injection and Extrusion), Metals, Machining, Contract Manufacturing, Distribution, Industrial Automation, Capital Equipment Machinery

Manufacturing Specific Programs

Our programs below have been 100% customized around the manufacturing industry because we know it so well. These are not “cookie cutter” manufacturing marketing programs that can fit any business. We reverse engineered our manufacturing marketing success at individual levels and compiled all of the knowledge and efficiency into key specific areas for you to focus on. Manufacturing guys want results, not promises…and that’s what we deliver, every time. So far we have worked with over 100+ manufacturing companies on various programs, let’s chat and see if we have something right for your situation!

Outbound Marketing

If you are looking to beef up your existing efforts, then this is the best program for you.  You don’t need to hire permanent overhead, we provide our Outbound Marketing services to you on a 3 month minimum contract and bill out monthly.  No need to sign up for a 12 month program with another company, what if it doesn’t work and you’re locked in for the remainder of the contract?  We know programs are effective which is why we let you test the waters on a 3 month contract first.

Our Methods

  • Double qualified leads by industry experts integrated within your company
  • Account Manager and Sales Executive/Engineer dedicated to your project with industry knowledge
  • Customized lead list of 100-200 companies, focused on your specific target market. Initial qualification by Account Manager determines interest
  • Follow up (2nd qualification) by Sales Executive/Engineer to have in-depth discussion on services and interest
  • All communication through your email system
  • Seamless handoff to your team

Lead Definitions


Open to adding a new supplier and is willing to schedule a physical meeting/conference call or provide an RFQ within 12 weeks, once additional qualification can be completed.


Interested in your services but doesn’t have an immediate opportunity, this lead class will schedule a physical meeting/conference call or send an RFQ in 36 months.


Satisfied with their current supply chain but interested in your services, nurturing will be key to stay in front of this lead and will schedule a meeting or send an RFQ in 6-12 months.

PPC Advertising & Web Design
Social & Adwords

For most of our manufacturing marketing projects, we strictly focus on LinkedIn advertising and Google Adwords campaigns. These are the most effective for your target demographic and we know exactly how to marketing your company.

Website & Marketing Material

We know the profile of your buyer due to our decades of experience selling direct, so we’ve included website overhaul/management and all of your marketing materials (line cards, snap shots, presentations) in our manufacturing marketing program.

Digital Strategy & Support

Marketing is typically the smallest department at a manufacturing/industrial company, if one exists at all. We understand that due to our significant experience working direct in the industry, so we’ve built a program to support your needs in every way. Whether you’re a single person team or a group of 10, utilize our resources and experience in your industry to put together the best digital strategy and then support it in every way possible. Most of our clients utilizing this program have our team help with their entire marketing strategy.

  • Digital: Website, Marketing Material, Social Media, Advertising, E Mail marketing, Newsletters and many more…
  • Print/Conventional: Trade shows, Industry associations, Print advertising
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